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Long distance phone services have been connecting friends, families and business associates since the telephone became accessible years ago. The advantage to you is that there are many providers of long distance phone services. This has created a tremendous competition between the major telecommunications companies, so the rates and plans have come down consistently for the past 10 years. Phonecards have also become increasingly popular.

Deregulation has allowed the competition in the telecommunications industry to grow amazingly fast. With the combined effort of many companies, the technological breakthroughs advanced the industry at an exponential rate.

Long distance plans are many and varied

Unlimited long distance plans are available online or over the phone.

Determine your calling patterns - whether or not you’re a long distance residential user who calls every week or every month, a business user whose primary function relies heavily on long distance usage – then, find the right plan for you. Block plans, limited or unlimited long distance, or the latest bundled plan.

Find out about using your credit card to place calls to your home or anywhere in the world. As well, AT&T has a calling card based on your home phone number and with your name on it. It’s a credit card for the phone. Use your pin number for easy calling.

Has your child gone away to college? Is he or she phoning every week with a list of must-haves for their education? Are they calling collect? You have some alternatives. Use the much advertised 1-800-COLLECT, or 1-800-CALL-ATT and make it a part of your home service. Or, get a toll free 800 number yourself. Remember, though, you’re still paying for the calls.

You can purchase phonecards at almost every gas station and convenience store. A typical long distance telephone conversation with someone on the other side of the world can be as clear as talking with your neighbor. Long distance phone services have come a long way and the new rates and plans are more affordable than ever.

Prepaid and rechargeable phone cards can be indicative of long distance usage over time. Again, if you know your calling patterns, the amount of minutes you buy every month can be as easy as adding them to your phone card.

With the growth and new technology you now have many money saving choices. New low rate international phonecards are also available with monthly billing. It’s wise, too, to purchase your international phone cards in the country you’re traveling to.

Don’t forget, some of those old expired phonecards are just what the collectors are looking for. You may be sitting on a gold mine.

Broadband internet – telephony of the future

If you own a computer, have a friend in Timbuktu with a computer, and have a broadband connection, a microphone attached to a sound card, what’s stopping you from calling?

Answer: Software. You need to purchase a small software package that will allow you free unlimited net calling from you computer (pc to phone) to another telephone, or wireless cellular phone, or from your pc to pc. Rates are significantly lower.

Businesses and individuals are taking advantage of the low rate, high exposure 800 numbers

Business from small to medium and large corporations use toll free numbers for the express convenience of their customers. Many you’ve seen use vanity or repeater numbers so that their 800 numbers are easily recalled and as a part of their corporate branding.

Teleconferencing over the net or over the phone

Most of the large carriers offer teleconferencing to their customers. Whether your company is large or small, take advantage of the cost savings when it comes to teleconferencing or videoconferencing. It beats buying airline tickets and booking hotel suites.

Whatever your needs, large or small, all your answers about long distance can be answered online.

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  • Unlimited flat rate long distance service allows you to call with a set monthly price that will not change...

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    Business owners can take advantage of huge savings in long distance with special plans...

  • Internet Phone
    An easy to use service that provides maximum savings with lots of added features such as video conferencing...

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    Make calls from any phone with per-minute and monthly plans available...

Feature Article

BellSouth expands long distance plans to provide cost saving solutions for businesses
BellSouth today announced that it has increased its service offerings to long distance business customers with three new products. The expanded portfolio allows customers to effectively manage their data and voice communication needs through a single vendor while realizing substantial cost-savings. The new services, BellSouth Long Distance Voice Virtual Private Network, BellSouth Long Distance Calling Card for businesses,and BellSouth Conferencing Services are available today, backed by BellSouth's secure and reliable network and a history of excellent customer service.

"BellSouth continues to expand our breadth of services and solutions to help our customers stay competitive in today's marketplace," said Chris Anderson, vice president of BellSouth Long Distance Services. "These new solutions will help customers reduce and manage costs, improve inter-office dialing efficiencies and quickly adapt to growth or changing communication needs. Additionally, customers have the opportunity to source all of their data and voice communications from one company."


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